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What is the Electronic Music Cruise?
A Floating Electronic Music Festival Vacation geared to those people who like to enjoy unlimited time of music with the most distinguished artists in the scene while exploring other countries. The EMC is: You, The Music, The People, The Nature, The Ocean, The Islands and a floating 5 star hotel!

What's Included at the Electronic Music Cruise?
- EMC No Time Limits @ Sea will give you 48 Hours of music Guaranteed! Private Parties professionally equipped with state of the art sound and lights set up to make sure your needs are met.
- The Electronic Music Cruise is Much more than an over the top music experience. Fine dining, buffet stations, and a variety of delicious options are ALL included.
- Bars and lounges, pools, hot tubs, Fitness center, a sport court and more are all on board and included in your electronic music cruise fare.
- Accommodations ranging from the affordable to the over-the-top opulence of our Suites staterooms.

Age Requirements

Any guest who is under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 21 who expressly agrees to be responsible for the minor and they must be booked in the same cabin.

Travel Documents

As you will be traveling outside of the US and visiting foreign countries, we advise that all US Citizens have a valid Passport when attending the Electronic Music Cruise. For passengers without passports, an original (no photocopies) birth certificate and state photo ID can be used. For non-US Citizen guests, should have their valid passport of the country of nationality and alien resident card or Passport with US travel visa. You will need this documents once we return to US territory.




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